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Kevin E. Porter

Ann Parker Burgess

As an author, wife, mother, and grandmother Ann is never at a loss for things to do and seldom at a loss for things to write about.

From Memphis, TN and surrounding areas Ann brings a wealth of experience and energy to her storytelling.

She is currently published on Amazon.com as well as Wattpad (links can be found below as well as on her website).

You can find out more about Ann and her works by clicking on the corresponding links below.

Kevin E. Porter

Kevin E. Porter

Kevin is the proud father of three wonderful children and grandfather to six amazing grandkids. Originally from Memphis, TN, he currently resides in Pori, Finland.

Kevin began writing stories just for fun while in High School. Later, while attending college at Union University in Jackson, TN, Kevin was published in the University Publication.

Though for many years his writing took a back seat, today he has once again picked up his pen and is working on several projects he hopes you will enjoy.

What We Are About

Word Whisperers is a video series where stories written by little-known authors are read aloud for your enjoyment.

So listen to us while you carry on with your daily business or while you relax in your favorite spot enjoying your favorite beverage.

You can also follow along with the written script or read the works yourself here or on the author's website.

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